//Hustle Cartel (ARTIST ON THE RISE)

Hustle Cartel (ARTIST ON THE RISE)


Hustle Cartel // Fame ,Nyce ,P.a.i.d

The rap game ain’t what it use to be, it’s hard for those who truly have talent to get heard without having scandalous pictures circle the web or dumbing down and creating tracks with A.B.C lyrics. With everybody and their mother rapping now a days, its rare to find a gifted lyricist or somebody that was actually born to be a star.

Canada Like anywhere else in the world, has wannabes and people who have skills. www.UrbanExpress.ca section for ”Artist on the Rise” will showcase new talent every week and help promote the fellas and ladies who in our opinion have the ability to do big things.

If you think your the next best thing since slice bread, submit your video and we’ll let the people decide.