Congratulations to Jessica and Julie  WINNERS of two Rihanna tickets for her “LOUD TOUR” courtesy of URBANEXPRESS.CA. After reviewing the hundreds of emails we received, there was no doubt in everyone’s mind that Jessica was Montreals #1  Rihanna fan, She’s followed Rihannas career before she became the Superstar we’ve all grown to love and a lot of effort was put into her letter.

Here’s some of  the email we received from Jessica, I’m sure when you read it, you too will agree that she is most deserving.



“The main reason I am Rihanna’s Super #1 Fan in all the world is because I have always stuck by her music and more importantly it has always stuck by me.  I love her, her music, her style, her beauty, her realness, her carelessness about what other people think, the way she carries herself; classy & elegant but also very sexy & edgy. And of course, her voice!! I LOVE her Voice!!  Very original, nobody sounds like Rihanna, they can try but good luck!
I remember the first time I saw Rihanna perform on TV, back in 2005, her being introduced by Jay-Z on a special Much Music interview show, it was her debut to Canada.  Ever since then I have Loved her! She was real & down to earth and I instantly felt a connection to her as an artist and as a person.

The Summer of my first job, I had a boring office job and every time “Pon De Replay” would come on the radio it would give my the energy to get through the day!”

“No matter what my mood or how I am feeling there is at least one Rihanna song I can listen to that will hit the spot and express exactly how I feel at that time;  Whether I am feeling happy, sad, lonely, regretful, hopeful, nervous, excited, energetic, and every other feeling I can experience, there is always a song for me and my variations of moods!

“That’s another thing I love about Rihanna, her music is so diverse.  When she first started, her album had more of a Reggae/ Island sort of sound to it, I loved it!!!!!!!!    Then as her career in music progressed, she experienced with more up-beat pop style music & also dipped into darker sounds and darker more grown up lyrics with one of my favorite albums, “Rated R”.”

“Her first album, Music of the Sun, was when I first experienced a profound love and appreciation of music, I was 16.  I never felt such a strong connection to music before this.  Every song was therapeutic for me at one time or another.  I still see that album as the soundtrack of my life at that time and still now.  It was the audio footage of my life, from song 1 to song 12!  “There’s  a thug in my life” was one of my favorites from that album, describing exactly how I felt about my boyfriend at that time, the same boyfriend I am with now, 5 ½ years later!!  I thank Rihanna for that too.   Getting me through the emotions of my late teen years through my I-Pod.   Her lyrics were like advice and guidance for me then  and still are now at the age of 21.  Whenever I listen to a song from that album it takes me back 5 years ago and makes me feel like I did when I was 16.  She is truly inspiring.  Singing about love & relationships, becoming a woman and loving yourself.  All songs relative to my life in one way or another.

We will have pictures of Jessica’s time at the Rihanna concert.

congratulations again to Jessica and Julie!!!!